Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why visulisation and relaxing are important tools for life

Imagery and visualisation techniques are great tools to develop. They can help in everyday situations and be used for you to achieve your own goals or ambitions. The tools are often promoted by people who have been successful and achieved their own goals. You will find that even a person using the tools to just get through a normal day find them invaluable.

Here are some examples of when visualisation and imagery can be used:

  • Visualization when using relaxation and guiding techniques for meditation
  • Visualization of performance in a every day situation or a specific event

  • Visualization of result or outcome for any performance or presentation

  • Goal setting and overall achievement in a situation
When using visualisation techniques it is important to first get relaxed in a safe and comfortable environment in your mind. For example you may think of the beach, a forest, a room in a house, or a mountain top. Remember the choice is up to you and everyone has their own favourite places they want to be. You can be detailed or you can keep it simple.

The more detailed the visualisation the more effective it is likely to be. Focus on details that appeal to the senses like smells, touch, sound and sight.

Use a simple breathing technique to get your body into a relaxed state and then begin visualisations of your safe place.

If your visualisation exercise is to achieve a goal then start to imagine yourself in the situation and go through the steps of what would happen in your mind. Don't forget all the little details.

Practise the technique as much as possible and eventually incorporate it into your daily routine. Writing down your goals or ambitions is a great way to keep organised and remember why you are doing the techniques. Goals can be big or small.

I recommend having a beautiful notebook to record your goals along with writing down your feelings or anything else which may be a positive influence for you.

Remember to concentrate on what your ideal outcome is for using the visualisation tool. It may be to simply relax or it may be to practice for a work presentation. If you find yourself relaxed in your visualisation sessions then the real events will become easier and you have more potential to achieve your goals.

Good luck and keep aiming for what you want out of life.

Little steps in the right direction should eventually get you to where you want to go.

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