Friday, July 10, 2009

2 techniques for a making your life more meaningful

I always get nervous when i post a new video on any of my youtube channels. You would think that the Relaxation Channel should be pretty easy channel to post to but its not.

I think the reason is i really want to give something really good with this channel and i want other people to be able to take what they may need from it with a positive attitude.

I wait nervously for criticism, i know it will come and i know it will only help me make the channel stronger and better. But, no one really can honestly say they like being criticised. I guess i love my little channel and its personal to me so it effects me more good or bad comment. That is the beauty of life that good or bad we are experiencing emotion that we can improve ourselves from receiving.

Anyway, what is the new video?

The video below is a chat about what i have been studying and the two techniques that are so simple to add to your daily life.

These techniques just give back some meaning to life and are used to help enjoy life.

They are my personal choice of technique that i get a lot out of. I hope you will benefit too. If you do that is great, if you don't think they will help you that is ok too.

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  1. I love your podcast about relaxation/the beach. I have a fantasy that you do one that guides the listner through laying on the ground at night looking at the stary sky. If you're taking requests, there's mine :) Have a great day.